The 7th International Workshop on Survey Methodology, 28-29 September 2016, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

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Welcome to the homepage of the International Workshop on Survey Methodology.

Statistics Korea has organized international workshops to promote the exchange of the most recent study results and share the advanced statistical experience of developed countries focusing on the national statistical development. The 1st International Workshop on Internet Survey was held in 2009 before Statistics Korea first introduced the internet survey for its 2010 population census. Since then, the workshops expanded the discussion topics to convene the 7th International Workship on Survey Methodology this year.

Today’s international society including Korea faces a number of societal problems such as an aging population, conflict among social groups and young adult unemployment. Overcoming such problems requires establishing efficient policies and their evaluations for which the production of reliable national statistics is a critical ingredient. It is also inevitable for the national statistical offices to devise and adopt adequate alternatives to the conventional survey methodologies, i.e. use of administrative records and big data, to address the worsening survey environment.

This workshop provides a meaningful platform to address challenges faced by national statistical offices as well as opportunities seized for the increased use of statistics as we all confront a paradigm shift in statistical productions including the recent trend of using new data sources and in the era of data deluge. In this light, I expect this workshop to fuel the production of reliable national statistics and provide an arena of communication for statistics experts to build on to the networking.

I extend my sincere appreciation to all participants and contributors of the workshop and wish for your continued success and good health.

Thank you very much.